The story began in 1988 when Stéphane Bozonnet, back from Swiss crossed the path of a century old chocolate institution: Mazet Chambéry. The appeal from this 1820 fleuron of fine chocolate for him to resist. This time nested in at the foot of the French Alps, he is still in Chambéry for our pleasure.


Know how and tradition

Creating fine chocolates requires time, skills , selfless work and a taste for execellence. Educated in the « other » fine chocolate country : Swiss, Stephane Bozonnet cultivated these qualities patiently. You can feel it in every chocolate of his own.

In the heart of his Savoie laboratory, every chocolate is designed and matured with mastery.

Cocoa beans, the original material of any chocolate are selected among the best ones all over the world according to their flavors and qualities. Then they are transformed carefully to produce a range of authentic fine chocolate bars and sweets.

Each new recipe is the fruit of a subtle balance between tradition and innovation. Tomme de Savoie, original Chambéry truffle or his famous porte-bonheur express this know-how.


Evidently, to achieve good products you need to start with uncompromised ingredients, no one but Stéphane Bozonnet himself looks after supplies in Chambéry. From beans to fresh cream (for ganache) passing by nuts, fruits or natural flavors (only), the time devoted to meticulously select what is needed for good chocolate finds its accomplisment in the collection we offer you.

A shared passion

What you find in a good chocolate has also to do with the spirit that inhabits the one who does it. Stéphane Bozonnet thinks that small is beautiful and has chosen to work whit his wife and a limited but passionate team. Their chocolates reflect the values they share and their common belief in craftsmanship.