1.Features of proposed products
1.1. The products offered to the customer are those listed in the catalogue published on the Site or Mobile Application within the limit of available stocks and subject to the proper functioning of the Site or Mobile Application.
1.2. Each product is presented with a photograph and a description established by Stéphane Bozonnet. Descriptions are intended to present the essential characteristics of the products to the customer before the final order and cannot in any way engage the responsibility of Stéphane Bozonnet. The photographs of the products are provided for information only, and are not contractual.
2.Order and confirmation 
2.1 .Order on the Site and the Mobile Application involves the opening of a customer account by entering two IDs: an email address and a password. These identifiers are and shall be kept confidential. The right of access by the Client to the identifiers can be done on request from the Service customers Internet de Stéphane Bozonnet, who respond only by email to the address used during the creation of the customer account.
2.2. To order, the customer undertakes to fulfil the elements of his command with precision and rigor. As such, it is committed to fully informing headings necessary to the good treatment of its order:
  • choice of products
  • choice of the billing address
  • choice of delivery address
  • choice of payment
  • checking and validation of the command and the General Conditions of sale
  • distribution of the command under the conditions laid down
2.3.Stéphane Bozonnet will confirm the order and its payment: •on Site or Mobile Application following payment •by e-mail, at the e-mail address indicated by the customer if so requested.
3.1. Settlement of products is done by credit card VISA, MASTERCARD, or AMERICAN EXPRESS card, online from the website or Mobile Application by secure Bank facility of Stéphane Bozonnet payment system. The validation of the credit card payment is immediate.
3.2. to be registered, the command must be set in its entirety. Unpaid orders cannot be processed.
4.1. Stéphane Bozonnet, via its host OVH, retains the purchase orders and invoices in its computer system and in reasonable conditions of security.
4.2. as a result, the computerized registers of OVH is a reliable and durable support which can be produced as evidence.
5.1. The time limit of 7 days retractation does not apply to contracts for the supply of perishable, agri-food, products such as goods sold by Stéphane Bozonnet. Also, the Client cannot rely on it.
6.1. Products sold on the Site and on the Mobile Application are offered within the limit of stocks available. A became unavailable product will be, as soon as possible, removed from the catalogue of products available in distance selling.
6.2. However, in the case of out of stock, Stéphane Bozonnet will contact the customer by phone or e-mail as soon as possible to agree with him: •to postpone delivery during replenishment of this product, when it is possible •to replace the product with another equivalent in quality and price.
6.3. The products Stéphane Bozonnet are made in an artisan way and are available in limited quantities. For all purposes, it is important to note that orders placed during periods of (end of the year including holidays) will result in rupture of largest stocks compared to those performed during other periods.
7.1. The prices indicated on the purchase orders and invoices are in euro TTC, departing from the laboratory of Stéphane Bozonnet.
7.2 Delivery costs are charged in supplement of the price of the goods. Shipping rates depend on the delivery type selected (shipping to home or relay), as well as the geographical area, the weight and the volume of the parcel.
8.1. Deliveries at home are carried out in metropolitan France and in the following European countries: Germany, England, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Scotland, Spain, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, within the time limits indicated at the time of the passage of the order by the customer.
8.2. the Client is responsible for information on the name and address of the consignee. These references must be precise, accurate, and complete (including code of door and floor) to allow a delivery under normal conditions.
8.3 Stéphane Bozonnet shall in no event be held liable for a return of delivery due to an address error or a failure to deliver to the address indicated.
8.4. If delivery address is incomplete or inaccurate, Stéphane Bozonnet reserves the right to directly contact the recipient by phone, in order to complete the delivery failing information with him.
8.5. The orders indicating a p.o. box address will not be taken into account and treated.
8.6. In case of absence of the recipient or a person who can take possession of the products upon delivery, and to the extent where it will have access to the mailbox of the recipient, the carrier will file a notice inviting the recipient to pick its product in a post office. In no event shall Stéphane Bozonnet cannot be held responsible for a possible deterioration of the products of their late withdrawal with the carrier.
8.7. Exceedances of delivery cannot give rise to damages.
8.8. Finally, if the product, under the responsibility of the carrier, has not been delivered for any other reason related to customs, strikes or damage or any other cause of force majeure as defined by the courts, the sale will then be resolved and the Client may obtain restitution of the price excluding any indemnity or damages.
8.9. in the case of a withdrawal shop order, the Client agrees to withdraw his order shop Mazet chocolatier located 2 place door Queen 73000 Chambéry agenda even and during the time slot chosen. The products are perishable, Stéphane Bozonnet will keep a command that would have been forgotten by the Client. Any forgotten order could not be repaid.
9.1 AND CLAIMS. The Client shall ensure the conformity of delivery with the order. To be taken into account, all claims must intervene within 48 hours of reception, given the perishable nature of products.